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road freight felixstowe port to sofia bulgaria
150CTNS g.wt. 3150KGS SOFIA -1217 BULGARIA DIM IN CMS.57X44X22/150CTNS road freight quote from felixstowe to sofia,bulgaria second shipment 02 PALLETS/1310KGS/MILAN,ITALY DIM ...
Containerized Road freight to Guinea
Good day. I work for a company that is located at Perth, Australia, and I need to arrange for a shipment to be completed by containerized road freight to Guinea. So if your company provides this servi ...
Continerized Road freight to Paraguay
We have recently received an order from a customer who is located in an area we have not previously shipped. This is not normally a problem, but this month our normal shipping clerk is out. This has s ...
Containerized Road freight to Uruguay
I would like to discuss our available shipping options for shipping containerized road freight to Uruguay. We will begin this shipment from our facility outside of Manchester, United Kingdom (UK). If ...
Containerized Road freight to Costa Rica
I must request information about containerized road freight to Costa Rica. My company is shipping from our facility near to Rome, Italy. So yes, this is a lengthy distance for this shipment. So I desi ...
Containerized Road freight to Macedonia
I need to send an order by means of containerized road freight to Macedonia. This shipment will begin at our warehouse here in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. I estimate I will need a 48 ft o ...
Containerized Road freight to Oman
My company must ship machine parts to a customer in the Middle East. We are shipping this from Paris, France, and we need information about containerized road freight to Oman. The shipment will be re ...
Containerized Road freight to Malta
Containerized road freight to Malta, is my purpose for posting to this forum. I am preparing a shipment for my employer that will begin at our warehouse here at Trenton, New Jersey, in the United Stat ...
Road freight to parts of Haiti
I am a representative of Office Max Inc. and I need to find some help in Haiti please. We already ship some of our office products to the Dominican Republic, which shares an island with Haiti, of cou ...
Containerized Road freight to Guam (US)
I need to ship some cargo by way of containerized road freight to Guam (US). Are there any company's represented in this forum who can email me information about your company's shipping services? T ...
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